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It is up to you if you want to solve just one task or keep us on hand for any to-dos and errands, anytime throughout the year.  We offer an hourly price or we can surprise you with a cheaper package if you want to keep us around recurrently. 

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We can (almost)
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Surprise us with a new challenge! Anything from fixing a grandfather clock to planning a trip to North Korea.

We think and plan carefully

It is not our first rodeo. We are not 18 anymore. We think things through and plan how to complete the task perfectly.

We will not ruin you. Really.

You don't need to sell your kidney to afford us. It is actually often cheaper for you to let us get things done than to do them yourself. 

A few stories from the world of DIDIT. 

Here are some stories of tasks that we've done for our happy clients. 


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