The bumpy road to a driver's license.

What a pickle

So one day you finally decide you will make that trip to the Motor Vehicle Office to get your driver's license. For most people, it's easy - you go to the office, stand in line at the window and you're done. But what if you're a foreigner?

We've got you

Even for a foreigner, it looks easy at first glance. You just need to prove that you live in the Czech Republic. At least the nice lady on the helpdesk will tell you. If you speak Czech.

What she won't tell you is that it's not enough and that you actually need a contract of employment. Not just any kind, but one which cannot be indefinite. If it's indefinite, you need to have another agreement, proving, that you are still actually now working at this company. Furthermore, a rental contract is not enough, you also need proof that you pay for electricity, for example. Then you have to speak Czech, because the lady at the desk only speaks "Hello" in English. With a nice smile, but that's all you get out of her.

Fortunately for our clients, we have already done this process numerous times and know how to get you in and out quick and successfully. We stand in line, chat with the lady at the counter and save many hours of time and even more hours of frustration.

Should have gone straight to DIDIT

I made three attempts. Not once did I succeed. The worst was the language barrier and the unwillingness to explain to me what I actually need to document. After I understood that getting a driver's license is a process comparable to applying for a citizenship, I contacted DIDIT and that was that. One visit, zero frustration and I can now happily join the "I am not a fan of the D1 highway" club. 

Anuj Karthik
IT Manager, Prague

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