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We are not afraid of any challenges!

We are your DIDIT and we will get your tasks done.

We are not a virtual assistant. We are your go-to person, that knows their way around and simply gets things done. Even those things that are offline and require hands, legs and brain.

Can you feel, how your to-do list is getting shorter?

Martin Novák

Task Runner and The Muscle


This isn't my first rodeo, and besides, years of working in production have taught me how to handle things successfully.

Alexandra Vysloužilová

VP of Excellent Service
Ostrava and Brno


Who wants to deal with just one thing? Boring. Your tasks are my adrenaline. Let's start checking them off. 

Marcela Bělovská



The experience gained from running a travel agency in NY taught me what good organization means, what professional approach to work looks like and how valuable our own time is. 

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